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I hate HP. I hate it. I hate it. I hate it. Their laptops seem to have the worst build quality out of all the new laptops on offer (Elitebooks seem to be fine though.) I do a lot of laptop repairs on the side, and HP laptops always have their hinges broken, plastic screw posts snapped off, etc etc. However, when a family friend offers you a nice looking purple HP 15-r110na, it's not something that I can refuse. The laptop came to me missing almost everything, except the damaged screen, motherboard, and the bottom shell. Plugging in a charger, and randomly shorting out the pins of the power cable ribbon connector made the laptop fire right up, to my suprise. The processor is a pretty anemic Intel Pentium N3540, with a frequency of 2.16GHz and 4 physical cores. Paired with 4GB of DDR3L RAM, it's really not too bad, for basic tasks like web browsing, YouTube etc. Just don't try to play Crysis on it; the CPU doesn't even have a fan. Throwing in a 500GB HDD I had laying around and installing Windows 10 was a breeze, no problems at all. I'll run memtest on it later, although I bet everything works fine. An SSD would make this thing a little bit snappier, but the hard drive isn't too bad, at least on a fresh Windows install. I could install Manjaro or Lubuntu on it, but the normies wouldn't understand.

£50 later, I have ordered all of the parts that I will need to make a working laptop out of this pile of crap. I plan to sell this thing, and as long as I can sell it for more than the cost of parts I am guaranteed a profit. Honestly, if this laptop had a slightly better CPU then I would definitely keep it for myself, as I love the colour. Can I sell this e-waste special? Or will I just waste my money? Find out in a few weeks, I guess.


It's New Year's Eve, and instead of doing anything fun, I'm sitting here updating old crap on this site. In case you are curious, I sold this laptop to a family member after putting it all back together. It looked pretty good in the end, but I didn't replace the LCD as replacements cost too much. They're happy with it, and the big black spot doesn't seem to bother them. Windows 10 runs pretty well on it, even with the random hard drive I found. For basic tasks it's perfectly fine, at least until Windows starts to update and the system halts to a crawl. Here's what it looks like now that it's all put together, if you are curious.