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Gib me monies pls


I guess that I fell into the whole cryptocurrency crap. Someone gave me around 30$ worth of bitcoin via Binance, although the transaction fees just happen to be the same amount, so I can't get it out. Fuck Binance and all these other crypto exchanges, I'll just do it myself. I made myself some crypto wallets, so if you want to give me money for whatever reason then feel free to do so!


Bitcoin is not very good apparently, high transaction costs and it's not very private, so I made a Monero wallet. It makes more sense for a brainlet like me too.

47irnauoneb6Af66FgjNfSURtkVrb2wZEZX5r2Gudt2tgvM4Cc7SeMQVMmmXjMcLv3LSNQpYDThe2bPykzsvhhcdLbU6U5C (XMR QR)


I made a Bitcoin wallet too, even though to be completely honest I still have absolutely no idea how this shit works.

18RjVx7AQ54Ht5Qy8kZHECt1sqix4QdHa5 (BTC QR)


A friend of mine suggested (I think) that if I had an Ethereum wallet, he'd send me money. So here it is.

0x291c30005cF690b868388c4a535f97d18ECe6c74 (ETH QR)