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Wash your hands!

Hello all! My name is Kamil, and I'm a 19 20 year old kid living in England, studying failing electronics engineering. I've decided to make my own little website, just talking about whatever comes to mind. I doubt many people will read it, but oh well. Domain names and VPS'es are cheap, and being an internet landlord is fun.

I will try keep this site updated with some of the random crap that I do. If you like retro vidya, Gameboys, restorations, and all that stuff then watch this space.

If you have any suggestions for stuff I should try, feel free to email me: I know nothing about HTML or web design, so pls no buly.

Update 06/04/2021: I'm still alive, believe it or not. I'm gonna try to make a blog, keep an eye out on I've also set up my own email server, but I doubt I'll ever use it :)

Update 29/05/2021: I made a few crypto wallets, if you want to give me monies for whatever reason then feel free to do so here.

Update 03/08/2021: Still alive, sorry. Never bothered to do anything with that blog, but I've added some other stuff. If you have a retro PC (and if I ever do anything with it,) feel free to visit I have disabled all HTTPS redirects, so whatever I decide to put on there will work fine on any older web browser.

Also, I've set up a Minecraft server. 1.17, vanilla. Do what you want. The IP address is